Social Responsibility

Outstanding benefit to society through research


Professor Jonathan Green, Dr Shruti Garg, Dr Kathy Leadbitter, Dr Catherine Aldred and Dr Carol Taylor, Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology

Early parent-mediated social intervention for autism

Autism is a severe disorder affecting at least 1% of the population in the UK. Jonathan and his colleagues have developed a new approach which improves autism symptoms and behaviour in pre-school children. They work with parents to empower them with the knowledge and skills to improve how they interact with their young children. The team use video-feedback techniques to train parents to recognise changes in how their children communicate. The parents can then embed this into their family life.

Jonathan says: "The Award was very nice for me and my team. There are many different kinds of recognition in academia. This was special by being from the whole University – beyond our particular discipline – and having a focus on ‘making a difference’ in a broad sense of social impact. It was very gratifying to get such general recognition in this wider sense and made us feel the University was proud of our work, and made us feel we were proud of being part of the University."

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Highly commended

Dr Aala El-Khani with Professor Rachel Calam and Dr Kim Cartwright, Pyschology & Mental Health

Reaching out with Psychological First Aid

Parents play a crucial role in supporting children through war and displacement. Aala and her colleagues work with refugee families in war zones across the world to address the psychological needs of adult and child refugees.

Highly commended

Dr Jonathan Darling, Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development

Producing urban asylum

Asylum seekers are among the most vulnerable people in society. Jonathan explored the experiences of asylum seekers to inform current and future policies on how, and where, asylum seekers should be housed.

Highly commended: Emerging impact

Dr Claire Hoolohan, School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering & Tyndall Centre for Climate Change

Reframing water efficiency

Water efficiency is a core component of all water companies. Claire worked with members of the industry and consumers to develop new approaches to change future everyday water use.

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