Social Responsibility

Outstanding contribution to environmental sustainability


Dr Vitalia Kinakh, Division of Dentistry

Future sustainable dentists

Dentists now need a range of skills to manage dental waste and support sustainable development. As a Sustainability Enthusiast, Vitalia has actively aimed to foster environmental sustainability and social responsibility among dental students and to raise levels of interest among her colleagues. She champions the University’s Sustainability Challenge and has initiated follow-up activities such as sustainability talks. She is currently looking to embed biodiversity and environmental sustainability themes in the dentistry curriculum.

Vitalia says: "I was delighted to win a “Making a Difference Award” on behalf of the Division of Dentistry. Winning this award encouraged greater sustainability discussions within the division and the wider dental community."

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Highly Commended

Louise Rowbotham, Roz Webster, Amy Barnett and Lisa Donnelly - Green Impact Team, Rutherford Building

Green Impact and Sustainability

The Manchester Gateways Programme aims to introduce young learners to a wide range of academic subjects through hands-on activities. The Green Impact and Sustainability Programme develops and enhances Year 8 students’ understanding of sustainability.

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