Social Responsibility

Outstanding contribution to equality and diversity

Winner (staff)

Dr Sean Pert, Human Communication,

Voice and communication groups for trans individuals

The LGBT Foundation set up the first Trans Programme in the UK in Manchester to help trans people access social support to avoid mental health issues. Sean volunteered to run groups delivered by supervised students to provide voice and communication therapy. The students received awareness training from the LGBT Foundation and information on therapy techniques from Sean. The groups allowed trans people to be assessed and to be given individual therapy programmes.

Sean says: "The award recognised that trans people’s needs are recognised and that the tran community is valued by the University of Manchester. Winning the award made a huge difference to the charity, the trans community and all the student volunteers involved."

Watch Sean's film.

Highly commended (staff)

Sheila Fidler, Dr Jenna Ashton, Dr Tim Wilding, Aftab Mohy-ud-Din, Najmin Hoq and Rumannah Chothia, Human Communication: Development & Hearing

Creative methodology to explore the social problems of hearing loss in marginalised communities

Audiology attracts students from a wide variety of diverse cultural backgrounds. This project aimed to harness this diversity, and use the students’ cultural expertise and knowledge to help access marginalised communities. It allowed students to open up discussions on how ethnic and cultural diversity impacts on the perception of hearing loss.

Highly commended (staff)

Dr Sally Freeman and Professor Kaye Williams, Pharmacy & Optometry

We Get It in Pharmacy: A Student Ambassador Project

The Pharmacy Student Ambassador Project was established to promote the values of the University’s We Get It campaign to increase student’s sense of belonging, build social capital and challenge negative stereotypes.

Winner (student)

Sakib Moghal, Saqib Mahmood, Usman Khan, Hana Jafar, Nomaan Zubair, Irum Islam, Laura Grant, Maria-Louisa Pelidis and Matea Balabanovska

Manchester Open Mind Network

The Open Mind Network is a new University society that focuses on promoting mental health and wellbeing. It seeks to build a student-led society by addressing the breaking down of stigma, increasing education, and improving mental health student support. In doing so, it wants to ensure everyone, regardless of mental health, is equally able to engage in university life.

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