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The CPR World Record Attempt Team:

Patricia Conaghan (SNMSW) Professor Christopher Cutts (Pharmacy) Lucy Hallam (Students’ Union) Sara Harris (NWAS) Janet Makin (University First Aid) Millie Loxton and Emma Richardson (Volunteering Team) Ellen Stephenson (Sports Volunteering) Katy Lenney and Ella Berrington (NurSoc)

World record attempt: most people in a CPR relay

One person suffers a cardiac arrest every six minutes and 12 people under 30 die every week from an undiagnosed cardiac condition in the UK. Evidence shows that CPR is undertaken in less than half of cardiac arrests. The team’s aim was to raise awareness of the risks of cardiac disease amongst young people, and to improve bystander CPR and the chance of survival through a mass training event. 1,238 people were trained in Basic Life Support and a new World Record for ‘Most People in a CPR Relay’ was set, with 900 being ‘treated’.

Patricia Conaghan says: “Winning the award was amazing, so many people put so much effort into delivering this and to have it acknowledged amongst so many other fantastic applicants was more than we would have ever expected.”

Watch The CPR World Record Attempt film.