Shortlisted entrants 2017

We received over 130 entrants for our Making a Difference Awards 2017 and the judges had a very difficult job selecting a shortlist.

Below is a full list of all the shortlisted entrants in each of the categories. The winners and highly commended entrants will be announced at our Awards ceremony on 11 May 2017, in the University's Whitworth Hall.

Outstanding benefit to society through research

Dr Claire Hoolohan, MACE, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change - PhD: Reframing water efficiency: towards interventions that reconfigure the shared and collective aspects of everyday water use

Dr Aala El-Khani, Psychology and Mental Health - Reaching out with Psychological First Aid to children and parents affected by war,

Dr Jonathan Darling, Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development - Producing urban asylum: shaping policies for the housing of asylum seekers in Britain,

Professor Jonathan Green, Division of Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology - Early parent-mediated social intervention for autism

Outstanding teaching innovation in social responsibility

Andy Weightman, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering - Teaching Measurement and Control to 400 Engineering Students using Mobile Robots and Quadcopters

Dr. Leandro Minuchin, Architecture, School of Environment Education and Development - Prefigurative architectures

Joseph Mutule, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering - Educational Partnerships in Africa

Dr Jo Deakin and Dr Claire Fox, Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Law - Criminology in Action

Outstanding contribution to social enterprise

Cheryl Latham, MBA student, Alliance Manchester Business School - Brighter World UK

Helen Power, Alumni Officer, Divisions of Development and Alumni Relations - Levenshulme Market CIC,

Hamza Arsbi, Student, Public Policy and Management (Global Development Institute) - The Science League

Inspiring Communities: public involvement

Ashley Dean, National Trust Ranger

Dr Matthew Sullivan, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

The Health eResearch Centre’s Patient and Public Involvement (H@PPI) Forum, Division of Informatics, Imaging and Data Science, School of Health Sciences

Dr Peter and Mrs Julie Mohr, Volunteers, Museum of Medicine and Health

Inspiring Communities: staff involvement

Lenox Green, School of Mathematics - Voluntary work with the homeless and youth work for over 30 years

Dr David Spendlove, Manchester Institute of Education, School of Environment, Education and Development Initial Teacher Education: Over 150 years of producing inspiring teachers for local communities,

Chijioke Anosike, Student, School of Social Science - CAN/ The Big Change

Neil Allen, School of Law - The Dementia Law Clinic

Joanna Melville, Caitlin Astbury, Daisy Manning, Phillip Cowman, Kate Uprichard, Sally Robinson, Students, Faculty Biology, Medicine and Health - Sexpression Manchester

Simren Singh, Student, School of Law - Advocating for all

Wenling Ding, Student, School of Arts, Languages and Culture - Promoting Cultural Engagement in Local and Global Community

Outstanding Public Engagement


Dr Aala El-Khani, Pyschology and Mental Health - Reaching out with Psychological First Aid to children and parents affected by war

Sheena Cruickshank and Team #Britain Breathing: Andy Brass, Jennie Evans, Lamiece Hassan, Hannah Hope, Caroline Jay, Jon Kudlick, Natasha Little, Indira McClean, Markel Vigo (Infection, Immunity & Respiratory Medicine, Faculty Biology, Medicine and Health and School of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering) - #BritainBreathing

Dr Joanne Jordan, Global Development Institute, School of Environment, Education and Development - The Lived Experience of Climate Change: A Story of One Piece of Land in Dhaka

Dr Sarah Marie Hall, School of Environment, Education and Development - Everyday Austerity Exhibition

Professor Will Dixon, School of Biological Sciences with team members: Dr Kingsley Purdam, Louise Cook, Rebecca Barnard, Carolyn Gamble, Dr Jamie Sergeant, Dr John McBeth, Dr Caroline Sanders and Professor David Schultz. - Cloudy with a Chance of Pain at Manchester Day 2016

James Adams, Student, School of Medicine - CATS (Cancer Awareness in Teenagers and young people Society),

Andrew Vaughan and Sally Thelwell, The Whitworth - Circuit: Whitworth Young Contemporaries (WYC) Engagement programme and Warp Festival

Professor Teresa Anderson & Professor Tim O’Brien, Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre - Bluedot Festival,

Amy Jones, The Whitworth and Helen Allwood, LuCiD - Language Baby

Outstanding Contribution to Equality and Diversity

Dr Sean Pert, Division of Human Communication - Voice and communication groups for trans individuals

Sheila Fidler and team members: Dr Jenna Ashton, Dr Tim Wilding and students: Aftab.Mohy-ud-Din, Najmin Hoq Rumannah Chothia - Creative methodology to explore the social problems of hearing loss in marginalised communities

Dr Sally Freeman and Professor Kaye Williams, Division of Pharmacy and Optometry - We Get It in Pharmacy: A Student Ambassador Project,

Sakib Moghal, Student, School of Environment, Education and Development and team members, students: Saqib Mahmood, Usman Khan, Hana Jafar, Nomaan Zubair, Irum Islam, Laura Grant, Maria-Louisa Pelidis, Matea Balabanovska - Manchester Open Mind Network

Outstanding professional support services and cultural institutions’ support for social responsibility

Yin Tun and Catherine Walton, Earth and Environmental Sciences - eTekkatho Digital Library

Dr Lynne Bianchi, The Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub, Faculty of Science and Engineering - The Great Science Share 2016

Hospitality and Events Team - Christmas Dinner

Student Development and Community Engagement Team, Student Development and Community Engagement Division - The Sustainability Challenge

Jack Ridley, Inflatable Museum Coordinator and team members: Menaka Munro and Steve Walsh - The Inflatable Museum

Outstanding contribution to Environmental Sustainability

Dr Vitalia Kinakh, Dentistry - Future dentists: New emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility

The Manchester Gateways Programme, Green Impact Team Rutherford Building: Louise Rowbotham, Roz Webster, Amy Barnett and Lisa Donnelly - Green Impact and Sustainability at The University of Manchester – a Green Impact workshop for University of Manchester flagship widening participation initiative

Outstanding Contribution to Widening Particpation

David Rydeheard & Sarah Zaman, School of Computer Science with team members: Dave Ames, Carol Murray, Carl Simmons - Computing At School

Dr Melanie Giles, School of Arts Languages and Culture - Archaeology in the Classroom,

Memona Shahid, School of Health Sciences - LIGHTSS, Access All Areas Conference

Ruth Daniel and Teresa Bean, School of Arts, Languages and Culture - The Creative Entrepreneurial Programme In Place of War

Rhys Archer, PhD student, School of Materials - Women of Science

Lead Student Ambassadors/Organisers - Dalal Barahman, School of Medical Sciences; Ismail Khalil Dentistry; Muhammad Anss, School of Medical Sciences, Umair Khan, School of Medical Sciences - Manchester Access Programme Medicine and Dentistry Simulation Day