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Lunchtime workshop for Green Impact teams

Wed, 25 Jan 2017 14:14:00 GMT

The University takes part in the national environmental accreditation scheme, Green Impact. Green Impact is for staff at the University who would like to improve their environmental impact but are unsure on how to do so. This project allows teams of staff to progress through an easy online toolkit of sustainable actions and implement as many as possible over the year to receive an award depending on their progress.

Green Impact is open to all members of staff at the University. The workbook can be tailored towards, labs, offices or even catering facilities. Green Impact is a great starting point to become more sustainable in your workplace, as well as supporting the sustainability agenda on campus. Or if you have already been minimising your environmental impact, Green Impact may be a way of showcasing the great work you have already been doing.

On Tuesday 17 January there was a Green Impact workshop, which was an opportunity for staff who take part in Green Impact to get together with other teams across the University to swap ideas. It gave teams the opportunity to ask any pressing questions about the new 2016/17 toolkit as well as comment on any future ideas.

The workshop focused on the launch of the new SharePoint for all Green Impact teams. This SharePoint includes more information about how teams can complete their actions as well as posters that can be used on all Green Impact noticeboards. All Green Impact teams are invited to also add their own information and posters to the SharePoint for all the other

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To gain access to the SharePoint select here.

To sign up for Green Impact fill out this form and log onto the toolkit here.

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