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Mon, 26 Jun 2017 15:31:00 BST

The University is currently conducting energy behaviour change trials focused on 10 campus buildings. This follows an Easter 2015 campaign, where a simple “Switch-off” message was promoted to staff within the same 10 buildings. Over the Easter weekend period each building managed to reduce its energy use, where the average saving was around 22%, compared to the previous Easter period.

Different engagement techniques are currently being trialled in these 10 buildings, to see which methods work best in motivating staff. So far an Easter energy quiz has been completed and at the moment a poster trial is currently being run. We need to save energy to help reduce CO2 emissions and reduced our environmental impact; however this won’t be possible without staff and student involvement.

Whilst the current project is focused on 10 buildings we would welcome all staff to start switching-off. Simple actions, such as turning computers to sleep mode during lunch breaks, quickly add up to a significant environmental impact. Turning off non-essential lab equipment is also suggested, which could include water baths or drying ovens. Lowering fume cupboard sash heights is another suggestion.

If you’re interested in reducing your energy use you can register to become an energy champion. You can find more information here or by contacting

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