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Tue, 29 Mar 2016 14:16:00 BST

Manchester Bike Hire (MBH) is a trading name of Cycle Waggle Ltd that was started by two Manchester cyclists, Pavol Gajdos and Richard Armitage.

Manchester bike hire opened on 1 July 2013 and since then Pavol has achieved zero carbon travel within the business as he doesn’t use motor vehicles to deliver or collect a hired bike. On Tuesday 15 March the team from Manchester Bike Hire provided an entertaining lunch break for University staff and students. Pavol brought some electric cargo bikes for trial at the University. These bikes are designed for deliveries, duties and logistics with the hope to cut carbon emissions and lessen the reliance of cars.

The bike hire service offers bicycle deliveries within Central and Greater Manchester. Transporting goods by car or van is impractical, adds to congestion and contributes to carbon emissions. Manchester Bike Hire believes that the future of city logistics lies with cycling infrastructure and logistics. Cargo bikes can carry loads of up to 250kg and they are much quieter and smaller than vans or cars. Non-electric cargo bikes are available to hire for just £5 a day, this must be the best way to avoid Saturday morning shopping congestion.

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