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Stock Market Challenge

Tue, 29 Mar 2016 16:12:00 BST

Local students rise to financial skills challenge

Ellesmere Park High School took top honours at this year’s Stock Market Challenge for schools held at the University on the 10 March. The competition is a joint initiative funded by HSBC and supported by Alliance Manchester Business School in partnership with Global Investor Simulations.

Schools from across the North West took part in the challenge, which saw 125 Year 10 pupils competing on a live stock market trading floor in the Whitworth Hall. The challenge provided students with a chance to increase their business and economic understanding, put their mathematics to the test and develop key skills such as team working, problem solving, critical thinking, analysing information and communication in a time-pressured and competitive game environment.

Teams navigated their way through fast-moving, constantly changing market conditions with the aim of maximising their investment opportunities based on quick and accurate analysis of company news by all members of each investment team working together.

Scarlett Dore, a member of Ellesmere Park High School’s winning team, said: “We really enjoyed taking part as everything was so realistic and it gave us a chance to put what we’ve learnt into action. You could see how prices were affected by the news and also the decisions we made. The trading environment was fast-paced and challenged you needed to work as a team. It was intense, but exciting.”

Over the past few months, teams from the participating schools had been preparing for their day on the stock market using the online Global Investor Simulations provided free of charge by HSBC. On the day of the challenge, staff from the bank also took part as ‘traders’ to recreate a real-time trading floor. The student teams were tasked with managing a fund of shares and foreign currencies, with the team with the highest value fund at the close of trading scooping first place.

Tracy Burton, Retail Branch Manager at HSBC, said: “These challenges are a fantastic way for young people from schools and colleges to build their understanding of the business world, while developing their skills and having fun. The initiative gives pupils the opportunity to apply their learning at school to a highly realistic financial setting along with bringing their own fresh perspective.” The students were also challenged to think about the importance of researching company news to help make informed investment decisions.

Elisa Sallis from Ellesmere Park High School received an award and a commendation for the best media analyst’s report. She was able to use her analytical and evaluative skills, which are so fundamental to the subject of Business Studies in school.

Kate Scott, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator at Alliance Manchester Business School, said: “The challenge is truly unique as it helps to develop practical skills as well as teaching business ethics and corporate responsibility in a real world context. The students found this particularly interesting as it helped to illustrate the wider impact and considerations responsible businesses must make in addition to generating profits.”

Stock Market Challenge offers a unique engagement opportunity between schools and local companies like HSBC and aims to build students confidence and capability. The initiative also supports the local financial services and IT sector in its need to create a world-class competitive workforce.

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