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Working with the Council for Assistance for Refugee Academics

Tue, 23 May 2017 14:10:00 BST

Over the next two months the Manchester Institute of Education will be hosting two academics as part of an initiative in association with the Council for Assistance for At-Risk Academics (CARA). Dr Ghalia Alasha Hassona and Dr Rima Alhrbat are currently academics in exile from Syria and will be visiting between now and the end of June. The purpose of the visit will be to share experiences and expertise with academics/students at Manchester and to make links within their particular areas that might lead to research projects in the future. Below are some brief descriptions of the work that both individuals undertake.

Dr Ghalia ALASHA HASSONA, Child Psychologist who was a Lecturer, Faculty of Education University of Damascus. Her PhD (2012) was on ‘The Effectiveness of Consulting Program in Improving the Parenting Communication Skills for Mothers, and its Impact on Psychological and Social Adjustment of Children’. Her research interests focus on parenting communication skills, psychological and social adjustment of children, and education survival techniques for the children of war.

Dr Rima ALHRBAT, Researcher in Childhood Education who was an Assist. Lecturer, Childhood Education Dept., Damascus University. She attained her PhD (2012) in Childhood Education from the Damascus University and her research interest cluster around early childhood development, education and the influence of reading on development.

This important visit will hopefully lead to further links, both with these academics but also CARA more broadly. Colleagues who would like to meet Dr Alasha Hassona or Dr Alhrbat should contact either Alison Alborz or Terry Hanley.

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