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Biodiversity App (UMAPIT)

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 11:03:00 GMT

Across the University campus there is a diverse variety of urban species. Using citizen science, the University has developed a new biodiversity app to track different animals across the University grounds.

This University of Manchester Animal Positions and Information Tracker (UMAPIT) allows residents across Manchester to track urban species found across the city. UMAPIT allows users to find out more about the species, capture details as they encounter in the field, record their sightings on a map and send their records directly to the website database.

This citizen science project aims to get the University’s staff, students and visitors engaged with biodiversity monitoring to highlight the wealth of diversity available on the University's and to monitor species distribution across the UK. The UMAPIT app is free of charge and is available on android or via the website on any mobile or desktop device with an internet connection. Visit UMAPIT to start mapping.

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