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Oxford Road Changes

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 14:12:00 BST

Over the next couple of months there will be some significant changes to Oxford Road around the University. Sections of the road will be closed off to general traffic, allowing only buses, cyclists and taxis. From 9pm to 6am general traffic will be able to go down Oxford Road. To see what the finished road will look like you can watch this fly-through video.

These changes will deliver faster bus journeys and ensure services are more punctual and reliable, while improvements to cycling facilities along the road will make it easier and safer for more people to ride along this popular route. This clearly shows the commitment to sustainable travel by TfGM by prioritising sustainable travel down one of the busiest street in Manchester.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “This is an exciting scheme that will revolutionise sustainable travel along one of the busiest routes into Manchester city centre, with better access to the universities, healthcare and businesses along the route.

The Oxford Road project plan will:

  • Provide dedicated "Dutch-style" cycle lanes where cyclists will be segregated from other road traffic making Oxford Road a safer cycle route.
  • Provide improvements for pedestrians with improvements at junctions and pedestrian crossings along Oxford Road.
  • Pedestrians will also be separated from cyclists to ensure the safety of everyone along this route.
  • Provide improved public spaces to create a welcoming boulevard style entrance to the city centre
  • Contribute to improved air quality along Oxford Road by the reduction in general traffic and by working with bus operators to improve the standard of buses using this route.

For more information about the changes to Oxford Road visit the TfGM website. For information and advice on sustainable travel options to the University visit our sustainable travel web pages.

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