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Sustainable Travel to Work Campaign at the Centre for Primary Care

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 11:12:00 BST

In July 2016 the Green Impact team at the Centre for Primary Care (CPC) organised a sustainable travel campaign. The aim was to promote sustainable travel to work among the members of the CPC, with an initial target of at least 50% of journeys to work to be made in a sustainable way.

Tally charts were placed at the entrances to the department asking staff and students to record the modes of transport they used. In addition, weekly e-mails containing progress updates, and information on sustainable travel options and their benefits, were sent to the members of the CPC. Among these were links and suggestions for journey planning, including information about the Cycle to Work Scheme, ideas for lunchtime walks and tips for reducing your carbon footprint when driving to work.

The campaign appeared to produce positive results, with an encouraging decline in single occupant car use over the first three weeks (dropping from 28% to 14% of journeys to work). Overall, during the month-long campaign, 76% of journeys to work were made by sustainable means of travel. Further breakdown shows that approximately one third of journeys were done by walking/running/cycling, one third by public transport, and one third by car.

You can find out more about CPC upcoming activities and campaigns by visiting the CPC events page and scrolling down to the Green Impact section or by following @CPCGreenImpact.

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