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Castlefield at Night, By Dave Pendlebury from Manchester, England - DSC_0574, CC BY 2.0,

Jam and justice

Following the UK Government announcement on devolution of powers the Greater Manchester region will soon be taking on new powers and responsibilities from central Government. Jam & Justice is a 3-year research project which aims to use the opportunity provided by devolution to look at alternative ways to govern in our city-regions.

The project is looking to answer a range of questions about governance, policy making and knowledge sharing in an urban setting. Through the development of an Action Research Cooperative (ARC) it is hoped the project will provide innovative solutions through the input of representatives of the academic, voluntary and public sectors. Throughout the emphasis will be on coproduction, giving voice to the diverse expertise and skills of all those sectors to develop new approaches.

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What Jam and justice wants to know

Can we come up with different ways of tackling urgent challenges in Greater Manchester?

How can we get people who are not traditionally involved in strategic decisions about urban problems?

How can knowledge be developed and shared collaboratively to help deliver action on the ground?

What makes or stops social innovations working in practice?

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