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2018 Community Festival

Whether you are a budding scientist, a history buff or just want to enjoy an entertaining day out with the family there are loads of fun activities for you to get involved in at our annual Community Festival.

Do you like your accent?

Hopefully, you like your accent. After all, your accent is an oral ID and contributes to your overall sense of self and identity. However, what if others don’t like your accent? How might this play out in school and work? Learn more about different accents and where they come from, celebrate the diversity of accents and have a chance to try a few new accents yourself.

What is sustainable cocoa?

Where does cocoa come from? Who grows it? Do they earn enough to make a living out of our tasty treats? Join in with quizzes and games and see pictures and posters which will help you find answers to all chocolate-related questions you may have – and of course, there will be cocoa and chocolate to taste!

Society – from childhood to all the different people who make up where we live

Come and find out about sociology, the study of society, and try out our activities: childhood then and now - What was it like being a child in Manchester or Salford in the 1960s? See if you can spot places you know in our archive photos and try out some typical games and toys. Try our race and ethnicity quiz – Manchester is home to people from all over the world. How much do you know about ethnicity in Manchester and the UK? Test your skills in our quiz.


Do residents in Manchester have to live surrounded by rubbish? Or can we change it?
If you care about Manchester, our neighbourhoods, our communities, and our international reputation, then let's talk about rubbish. The aim is simple and ambitious. We want to challenge and inspire the universities, councils, businesses, waste authorities and residents to work together to build the intellectual and practical capacity to deal with rubbish.

Exploring Manchester's many languages

Come and find out more about Manchester's many languages! Play family-friendly language games, add your own language skills to our city map and learn some new words in a language taster session.

Creative Manchester

Creative Manchester brings together all areas of arts, languages and cultures at the University. Come along and make your own puppet theatre in a box, print your own poem, create your own suffragette badge and play the museum Pokémon game.

Breathtaking lungs

Discover how your lungs work and how to keep them healthy. Measure your breath and see how you compare to other people your age. Experience the artwork that has been created with people with breathing conditions and learn about our research.

How to be healthy - Manchester Centre for Health Psychology

Spin the wheel of fortune to discover different health behaviours, and hook a duck to explore the tools you can use to help you be healthier. Our fun, family-orientated activities will tell you about health psychology and what health psychologists do.

Medicines - How do they get to the disease?

Have you ever wondered how medicines are made? We will show how medicines are prepared and used, as well as the role of the pharmacist to supply medicines. Build a medicines chemical structure, complete a tablet jigsaw and see the journey of a pill in the body with a marble run.

A different type of science

Discover more about the issue that is affecting everyone around the world, including you - antibiotic drug resistance. Test how good you are at washing your hands and learn why you and everybody else needs to understand antibiotic drug resistance and to have a go at winning one of the sought after bug-packs.

Meet the Midwives

Meet research midwives from St Mary's Hospital to learn all about what happens in the placenta-focused clinics in The Maternal & Fetal Health Research Centre.

Before You Were Born

Come learn about the incredible organ that helps babies grow - placentas! Interactive activities will cover what the placenta does, what can harm the placenta and also harm the growing baby, and possible ways to monitor and treat placentas that are not working properly and are putting the baby’s health at risk.

History of science in Manchester

Want to know what it was like to be a doctor 70 years ago? We have loads of cool vintage medical tools for children and adults to explore, handle and have fun with!


Hear from members of the public who advise us on our world-leading research and teaching, making a positive difference to the Greater Manchester community and beyond. Find out what it’s like to work in a research or teaching team as a public contributor and how you can get involved.

Keeping ageing brains healthy

Come learn how to keep your brain healthy to prevent dementia, with interactive games and activities put on by The Greater Manchester Dementia Research Centre, and experience vision and hearing loss and to see how this can impact memory tests.

Transport yourself to China!

Enjoy a tea ceremony in the beautiful Chinese Garden, classical music performances, an interactive video demonstrating ‘Routes to China’ and Chinese arts & crafts workshops for children – all at the Confucius Institute.

Shimmer and Shine Window Workshop and Selfie Station

The John Rylands Library’s amazing stained glass windows are a colour inspiration! Using colourful papers and textures make your own stained glass windows in our friendly family workshop. Then why not strike a pose in our pop up Selfie Station using fun and colourful props!

Heritage Tours

Journey around the University’s fine neo-gothic architecture and sites of world-changing discovery and hear how our University developed from pioneering origins in the industrial revolution to become a leading world university. Learn about how we became England’s first civic university and visit sites including where Ernest Rutherford ‘split the atom’ and where Alan Turing helped lay the foundations of modern computing. Book on to one of Hertiage Tours, running on 16 June at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

Dr Who?

Come and find out more about Delia Derbyshire, a pioneer of electronic music and the woman behind the world famous Dr Who theme. Play the Deliaphonica Game to understand how Delia created electronic music from tape loops and samples of non-musical objects such as a lampshade!

The Flash-Bang Show

Everyone’s favourite, this demonstration opens your eyes to the amazing world of chemistry that is all around us. There will be fantastic colour changes, flashes and the occasional bang, so hold on to your hats!

Opening the curtain: adventures in healthcare

We will take you on a journey through some of the sounds, sights and scenes of healthcare. Meet actors playing patients, help doctors and nurses ‘at work’; and experiment with writing, drama and fun‘in the waiting room’.

Exploring the many languages of Manchester

Come and find out more about Manchester's many languages! Play family-friendly language games, add your own language skills to our city map and learn some new words in our language taster session.

Make your own 3D models

Our Digital Fabrication Centre uses printing for research and to build models. Come and play with our 3D doodle pens and make your own 3D model. See how different 3D printers work to create three dimensional objects.

Climb aboard a vintage ambulance

Take a look around an original 1950’s Bedford KZ ambulance; feel as though you are in the thick of the action and adventure with the sights and sounds of this vintage emergency vehicle. Get your hands on original medical artefacts spanning over 300 years from our Museum of Medicine and Health collection and talk to our experts about healthcare of days gone by.

And just for fun...

  • Sports skills: Come and test your ball skills and earn a chance at winning a prize.
  • Face Painting: from animals to princesses, our face painters can create all sorts of designs
  • Climbing wall: Test your head for height and try our vertical climbing wall
  • Fun of the Fair! Have a go on our traditional Helter Skelter

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Community Festival Map

For details of the activities available and their locations please see our Festival Map.

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