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Community Festival 2019

There's loads to do at our Community Festival. Whether you are young or old, interested in engines or art, want to gets hands-on and have fun or just listen to some fascinating stories, come along and enjoy a great day for all the family.

Sowing seeds for research

Back by popular demand! What matters to you, matters to research. Write or draw on a shaped tag a health topic that matters to you to be researched to hang on our research tree and plant (sunflower seeds) to take home in a mini biodegradable pot. Talk to us about the many ways to get involved in research. Part of the ‘Not That Type of Doctor’ initiative.

Imaging the brain in action

Try our VR headsets and other interactive activities to find out about the scientific research helping us to learn more about how our brains work and discover the different methods of imaging the human brain using MRI.

Graphene wonders

This is your chance to make Graphene, the one-atom thin wonder material, using the Nobel prize winning technique! During this activity you will find out about the current and future applications of Graphene and see its amazing properties for yourself.

Farming for the future

Ever wanted to design your own farm? Farming is a major source of Greenhouse Gas emissions and cutting these emissions if the only way to avoid the disastrous effects of climate change. In this activity, you will be tasked with designing a more sustainable farm that produces less of these Greenhouse Gases and promotes other environmental benefits such as increasing biodiversity and reducing water pollution. You will also get the chance to meet ‘GLADISS’ our mobile laboratory and do some scientific research of your own.

’24 hour people’

Want to learn more about the body clock and how it governs our bodily processes and personal well-being? Find out more about the body clock and whether you are an ‘owl’ or a ‘lark’ by taking part in a series of interactive games and quizzes.

Can YOU find the Turing Treasure?

At this stand, you will learn how to crack codes and how to create your own. You’ll also find out more about the life of Alan Turing, recently voted the most influential figure of the 20thCentury in the BBC Two ‘ICONS’ series and the Enigma Machine.

Virtual human beings

Experience the power of virtual reality and deconstruct a human being, play inside an eye and look down from far above. Feeling exhausted? then relax as you swim with turtles, without even getting wet, but be careful of what’s lurking deep amongst the rocks.

Would you eat from your mobile phone?

We’ve all become attached to them, and where we go they tend to go. But how clean is your mobile phone? What bad bugs are sticking to your digits? Come and get it tested whilst learning about antibiotic resistance

Not that kind of doctor

There are thousands of doctors and wannabe doctors at The University. However don’t ask them for a prescription. So what kind of doctor am I? Learn about all sorts of doctors working in primary care, population health and health services research.

Make your own 3D models

Come and play with our 3D doodle pens and make your own 3D model! Then discover how our digital fabrication Centre uses 3D printing for research and building models.

Walking on Custard

Ever fancied walking on custard? Some liquids like custard or toothpaste become solids when you apply pressure to them. Find out why this is by getting hands-on with these amazing liquids.

The Flash- Bang Show

Everyone’s favourite, open your eyes to the amazing world of chemistry that is all around us. There will be fantastic colour changes, flashes and the occasional bang, so hold onto your hats!

Could you end poverty?

We’ll put you in charge of the world! What decisions will you make to ensure everyone gets enough food, water and other things to keep them safe and healthy?

Slime- the body’s great defence

Meet ‘Team Mucus’ and explore how this marvellously sticky substance is made using microscopes, models and experiments.

The Secret History of the Manchester Bee

Manchester’s secret societies – find out the hidden story of the Manchester Bee and learn to spot signs of secret societies on Manchester buildings.

Heritage Tours

Journey around the universities fine neo-gothic architecture and sites of groundbreaking discoveries. Visit sites including where Ernest Rutherford ‘split the atom’ and where Alan Turing helped lay the foundations of modern computing. Book on to one of our tours.

The Hidden World of Hearing

Step into an interactive sensory experience exploring the hidden world of hearing, the science of the ear and the importance of protecting your hearing.

Peterloo Protest

Find out about a defining moment in Manchester’s history as the John Rylands Library explores the 200thanniversary of the Peterloo Massacre.

The Great British Numbers Quiz

Manchester is home to people from all over the world, but how much do you know about the ethnicity of Manchester and the UK? Test your skills in our quiz.

Have a go area - Robot Racing, Plane Building, Science tricks, Microscope Worlds and more

Come and race robots and build planes with our apprentices! Learn and play with our line following robots and hand make your own aeroplane from sheet metal with our engineers. Have a go at trying some exciting science tricks using chemistry and microbiology and explore how the world looks through a microscope in our ‘Have a go area’.

Meteorite or Meteowrong?

Spotting rocks from space is easy when they’re hurtling through the sky. But once they’ve landed, how can we tell them from other boulders, stones or peddles? You are challenged to identify as many meteorites as possible amongst a selection of normal rocks (meteowrongs). Try out some space sleuthing using the tricks and techniques used by our astro-geologists. Will you top our leader board?

Blood and Biotechnology

How is biotechnology helping us to understand more about our blood? Come and find out about how blood types, blood sugar and blood detection at crime scenes links to the research taking place here at the University.

The World of the Cell

Make your own blood cells to take home with you, then find out more about the exciting world of cells from our scientists and current students at this interactive stall.

Computer Programming and AI

Get hands on experience programming our robots to interact with their environment, find out how we get computers to do what they are told and explore how drones can fly without crashing into things?

Stretchy or stiff: Our Bodies Matrix

Explore what our bodies are made of and what makes bits of us stretchy and what makes bits of us stiff. Test your knowledge of different materials and their properties with our researchers to see how we compare to everyday objects and what can go wrong in our bodies.

Skin and Bones

Find out what makes you different from others as you learn how your genes and lifestyle may affect your skin and bones. Make your own DNA bracelet, discover the effect the sun can have on your skin and learn what a taste for sprouts can tell you about genetics.

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