Responsible Processes

Our processes and policies aim to balance efficiency with opportunities to create social and environmental benefit.

Programmes, activities and policies in such areas as human resources constrcution and procurement all contribute to our social responsibility goals.

Responsible procurement

We take a net-positive approach to procurement, maximising the positive social, environmental and economic impacts gained through what we purchase and aiming to minimise those that are negative. We’ve led the higher education sector in developing a Supplier Engagement Tool, used a Flexible Framework to embed responsibility into procurement and committed to Fairtrade and Workers Rights Consortium accords to protect the conditions of food and garment workers through our supply chain.

Staff volunteering and public service

We’ve established policies to ensure staff can commit to public service, for example as a school governor, a justice of the peace, local authority councillor or on a health authority. We also encourage staff to take social action, for example through becoming a Dementia Friend, proficiency in life-saving CPR, Give and Gain Day and charitable initiatives such as Giving Tuesday and the Greater Manchester Run.

Equality and diversity

We commit to exceed our obligations under equality legislation and benefit from the diversity of our staff and students. We support specialist forums for staff who are disabled, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, black, Asian and minority ethnic, international, women, or with specific religions and/or beliefs. We lead award-winning initiatives to counteract all forms of bullying or harassment and oversee gender and race charters for the advancement of female and black, Asian and minority ethnic staff.

Give As You Earn scheme

We make it easy for staff to give tax-free regular donations to the charities of their choice direct from their pay, making a vital difference to people, causes and communities across the UK and the world.

Ethics Framework

Our Ethics Framework is a set of guidelines on areas such as declarations of interest, outside work, gift oversight, transparency, freedom of speech, promoting equality and dignity at work, teaching and learning, fair admissions, academic quality and progression, student representation, collaborative provision, research integrity and intellectual property, socially-responsible investment, procurement, academic freedom and research ethics.

Construction and social responsibility

We are investing more than £1 billion to create a world-class campus for sta and students. Through co-developing social responsibility plans with our major construction partners, we’re ensuring that the development of our campus creates signi cant opportunities for employment, trading, community and educational development that will bene t local communities, sta and students.