Social responsibility across the University

Social Responsibility is embedded across many areas of the University, including Faculties and Schools, Professional Support Services and our Cultural Institutions. You can find links to these from below.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Our researchers in Science and Engineering are engaging with a diverse range of audiences to broaden access to science and engineering - from science festivals, to public lectures, social media, policy shaping and community engagement. Here are just some highlights of the practices that both enrich our academic activities and demonstrate our impact on economic, cultural and social development.

Faculty of Humanities

Our Faculty of Humanities is increasing public understanding and support for the humanities communicating their significance to society. This includes developing activities, events and processes to foster relationships with businesses, employers, policy-makers, the general public, alumni, local schools, other universities and institutes of higher education and artistic and cultural bodies, both inside and outside the University.

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

Our Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health is engaging with communities, including work with patients, alumni, schools and the general public through activities, events, festivals and engagement opportunities. The aim is to increase awareness, interest, understanding and enjoyment of biology, medicine and health.

Professional Support Services

Social responsibility is being embedded into all of our professional support services, so that social, economic and environmental benefit can be maximised. Here are just some examples from the range of ways our professional staff are making a difference.

Cultural Institutions

Our cultural assets are at the vanguard of social and environmental responsibility. This ranges from outreach into underrepresented communities, civic engagement and leadership, public events and exhibitions and sustainable and responsible operational practices. Further information can be found at:

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