The Great Science Share for Schools 2020

Tue, 21 Apr 2020 14:47:00 BST

Summer term is here which means it’s time to launch the Great Science Share for Schools 2020. This annual campaign gives young people the opportunity to communicate their scientific questions in their own words and ways - and anyone can take part. It’s the campaign’s 5th birthday and we’ve moved the celebrations online to ensure it reaches as many young people as possible, wherever they are.

From the 4 May launch date, there will be weekly topics on the theme of Global Sustainability building up to 16 June when it’s time to share and celebrate science in a big way. These will be linked to inspirational resources designed to get children asking scientific questions and sharing investigations with each other. Each theme will be accompanied by a collection of resources from a range of STEM organisations for young people of different ages. The sky’s the limit as to how much science they can share!

Another way to share science is to get moving and grooving – join in with the Great Science Groove-along, designed in partnership with schools and British Hand Signing specialists. This aims to be a mass involvement opportunity to inspire a bit of fun and many smiles.

By registering via the Great Science Share you’ll get updates and news from the launch week and be eligible for your 2020 certificate and free resources.

Twitter is where we’ll be able to see young people sharing the science they love – follow us @GreatSciShare, or, if you prefer, you can email us.

So get registered and come together to raise the profile of science and inspire the scientists and engineers of the future. There are no boundaries - through virtual means, pupils, teachers, parents/carers, families, businesses and educators UK-wide, across Europe and internationally can take part.

If you have any queries please email us.