Sustainability Challenge

Wed, 10 Aug 2016 13:58:00 BST

The University is excited to launch the first Ethical Grand Challenges event for all 8,000+ first year undergraduates – the Sustainability Challenge

As part of the 2016 Manchester Welcome all 8,000+ first year undergraduate students will take part in the Sustainability Challenge, a 2.5 hour simulation activity, based around the fictitious University of Millchester. Students, in mixed disciplinary groups, work against the clock to develop plans for a new campus, while global responses to climate change trigger a series of ‘game changing’ interventions.

The Sustainability Challenge is part of the University’s Flagship Social Responsibility initiative - the Ethical Grand Challenges Programme - which aims to enable every Manchester undergraduate to engage with three key ethical grand challenges in the course of their degree: Sustainability in Year 1; Social Justice in Year 2 and Workplace Ethics in Year 3.

As well as introducing students to the challenge of sustainability, the Welcome event introduces students to the kind of University Manchester is: committed to making a difference, and working across disciplines to solve problems.

Sustainability Challenge Day is Tuesday 20th September. More than 200 staff and postgraduate research students from across the University have volunteered to help deliver the challenge. Getting students to the correct rooms at the right time is a huge logistical challenge. Students will receive personalised communications, telling them where to go and when, in the week before Welcome, and the information will also be published on personalised timetables. Schools will receive an information pack, including full detail of arrangements for September, and a range of promotional materials, later in August.