Building Hope

Mon, 24 Feb 2020 11:28:00 GMT

Veronique Rizzuto, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Assistant is the Founder and Trustee of a small UK charity which helps to improve the lives of communities in Ethiopia by providing housing and sanitation, educational opportunities and support income generating projects.

Veronique set up the charity 15 years ago after a trip to Ethiopia working as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. She was so struck by the abject poverty, misery and despair of young people in particular that she was determined to help build a better life for some of the people she met. The charity’s two main projects were the construction and furnishing of a library and latrines at Karagutu School and the building of homes for some of the former leprosy families living in Dessie.

Veronique has just returned from Ethiopia where she revisited Tita Elementary School where Building Hope co-funded the construction of two blocks of toilets for girls and boys as the existing toilets were health hazard. She was pleased to see that the toilets were well built and in good working order and pupils had access to handwashing facilities. She also spent time with the children and teachers at the Kindergarten school (3-6 years old) which has 4 classrooms for 220 children. She was also shown the canteen which has no furniture due to lack of resources. The children are currently having lunch in classrooms. Building Hope is now raising funds to equip the canteen with basic furniture.

Veronique received a warm welcome by the families who were rehoused by Building Hope and a small celebration was arranged for her with popcorn and coffee ceremony. She discussed with Members of the Committee of Persons affected by Leprosy how to create income generating opportunities for the community so they can support themselves better.

If you like to support the school canteen project you can donate or create your own fundraising page via or donate directly to the charity. For further information please email