Introducing Sustainable Futures

Tue, 25 Jan 2022 15:58:00 GMT

Our University experts are helping to build a greener, fairer and healthier future for all. Interdisciplinary collaborations, cross-sector partnerships and pioneering discoveries benefit the environment, the economy, health, wellbeing and culture, globally.

Sustainable Futures is bringing together the unique depth and breadth of internationally leading research at the University and building on the University’s track record of successful interdisciplinary working, to produce integrated and truly sustainable solutions to urgent environmental challenges.

Sustainable Futures will develop complete understandings of the environmental systems on which we depend and human interactions with them. It will spur scientific innovation and facilitate societal change at scale and pace to address urgent environmental crises. Sustainable Futures is unique in connecting core environmental expertise and broader societal agendas to develop systemic, innovative and actionable solutions.

The aim of Sustainable Futures is to:

  • integrate an unprecedented range of environmental expertise from across the University to facilitate highly interdisciplinary research and impact.
  • connect a wider range of research institutes at the University to extend the scope of our environmental expertise and impact of Sustainable Futures.
  • deliver solutions into practice rapidly through unique established capabilities at the University.

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