The Ramadan Tent Project

Tue, 21 Jun 2016 12:05:00 BST

Monday 20 June saw the opening of the Ramadan Tent Project on the University campus.

The Ramadan Tent Project has a vision; to unite the community over the simple act of sharing a meal. The project is an international, interfaith initiative founded by a student at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, with tents taking place from Zambia to Plymouth, Istanbul to Canada, the United States to Manchester. It is in its third year in Manchester; taking place for one night in 2014, for three nights in 2015 and this year managing a record breaking five nights!

The Project aims to create positive social change by bringing together communities and fostering interfaith dialog. With speakers from a range of backgrounds such as charity workers, poets and spoken word artists, the Ramadan Tent hopes to inspire the guests to get involved in social justice. Since it was founded, The Ramadan Tent Project has always aimed to educate people about Islam providing an open space to ask questions and break down misconceptions. In a world of increased division, unity is more important than ever.

The Project includes a range of students, staff and graduates on its Committee, including Muslims and Non-Muslims. The Project hopes to create an inclusive space hence why the invite is always an open invite encouraging as many people as possible to attend.

This year Ramadan Tent runs from 20-24 June at George Kenyon Square on the University’s campus. It is an event for the people of Manchester and the committee would like to thank everybody who has been involved.

The Project committee is made of people of all backgrounds and consists of students, alumni and staff. It is completely run by volunteers. If you would like to be involved in 2017 project please contact: Ilyas Nagdee.

Further information about the Project can be found on The Ramadan Tent Project website.