New Home-based actions available on 10,000 Actions

Wed, 17 Jun 2020 09:39:00 BST

The University’s environmental sustainability initiative, 10,000 Actions, has been updated with home-based content as many of our staff have been working from home due to COVID-19.

As the UK’s largest sustainability initiative launched to higher education staff, our 10,000 Actions platform aims to provide all University staff members with the opportunity to engage in a programme of learning and positive action on sustainability through creating a personal action plan. Now more than ever, the impact we have on the world around us has been brought into sharp focus, making actions on sustainability ever more important.

Our new actions on the site allow staff to reflect on their relationships with nature, such as watching an environmental documentary or growing your own food from home. For those who are spending some time outdoors, our UMAPIT app can be used to record local wildlife sightings and highlight the wealth of biodiversity in our urban environments. Many of our existing actions have also been updated to be applicable in your home environment. Recording these actions on 10,000 Actions means that we can continue to take big steps towards helping our planet, from the comfort of our own home.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for the University as it is central to our core goal of social responsibility. 10,000 Actions allows us to make a difference, individually and collectively, in tackling one of the world’s grandest challenges. University staff can sign up and access the online tool through the 10,000 Actions website.

To learn more about the University’s approach to sustainability visit the Environmental Sustainability website.