The 8 Brocades of Qigong

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 09:31:00 BST

Over the last three months, Manchester Confucius Institute has introduced new ways for people to engage with Chinese language and culture with an emphasis on supporting physical and mental wellbeing by introducing traditional Chinese wellness practices.

In collaboration with experienced Qigong and Tai Chi instructor Dr Amily Wang Guenier, the institute developed a series of short tutorials demonstrating the 8 Brocades of Qigong in English.

Qigong, also known as Chinese yoga is a gentle form of exercise that strengthens the internal body defence system and can be practised by absolutely everyone! Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, these eight silken movements are a perfect fitness practice for calming and healing body, mind, and spirit. The sessions are easy to follow and designed for people to learn in their own time. With each tutorial comes a description of the impact each movement has on certain parts of the body.

Tutorial 1:

Movement 1) 双手托天理三焦 Two Hands Hold up the Heavens

Movement 2) 左右开弓似射雕 Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Eagle

YouTube tutorial

Tutorial 2:

Movement 3) 调理脾胃须单举 Separate Heaven and Earth

Movement 4) 五劳七伤往后瞧 Wise Owl Gazes Backwards

YouTube tutorial

Tutorial 3:

Movement 5) 摇头摆尾去心火 Sway the Head and Shake the Tail

Movement 6) 双手攀足固肾腰 Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist

YouTube tutorial

Tutorial 4:

Movement 7) 攥拳怒目增气力 Clench the Fists and Glare Fiercely

Movement 8) 背后七颠百病消 Bouncing on the Toes

YouTube tutorial

You can watch the whole series of all eight movements here on the YouTube page.