China Centre celebrates its 5th annual social responsibility month

Wed, 19 May 2021 17:14:00 BST

In April, the University of Manchester's China Centre celebrated its fifth annual social responsibility month with a range of exciting activities to positively impact alumni, local communities and broader society, in the unique Manchester spirit.

Each year, the China Centre holds open courses to promote public engagement, inviting industry leaders to discuss key issues for learners within the local community. This year, the China Centre launched the Mcloud learning platform and hosted lectures featuring high-profile experts in ‘carbon neutrality’, attracting over 100 audience members and 1,000 online viewers.

Throughout April, two alumni delegations of over 70 people visited alumni companies to discuss the topics of environmental sustainability and being socially responsible. A delegation, led by China Centre Director, Sherry Fu visited one of China’s most famous companies, Bilibili, known as China’s YouTube and used by over 170 million people. During the visit, Alumnus Shirley Zhao, Senior BD at Bilibili explained how the organisation speaks to generation Z and how its devotion to social responsibility is inspiring ecosystem engagement.

Other activities included; a visit to alumni company Good Group to explore the balance between innovation, environmental sustainability and profitability in CSR, team building cooking with GMBA students and former Le Cordon Bleu graduates to promote a healthy work-life balance, and the inauguration ceremony of Magnificent Culture (“Mculture”) UoM China Centre Arts & Culture Study Programme, featuring a series of sessions promoting cultural engagement, social development and Sino-UK cultural exchange.

“Through visits to alumni companies, our alumni engagement in social responsibility is extended to a wider audience where we can connect alumni across industries and share experience and insights addressing important issues in social responsibility,” said Sherry Fu, China Centre founder and director. “It is our sincere hope that we can encourage and inspire alumni to get involved and make a difference.”