October 2016

  • Our First Public Lecture on Rights and Equality of Disabled People
    Thu 6 Oct 2016, 14:22

    Date/Time: Thursday, 3 November 2016 (6.

  • Brain Box Becomes a Permanent Feature on Campus
    Mon 10 Oct 2016, 12:00

    A giant wooden sculpture of the brain as part of the Brain Box science extravaganza organised by Professor Andreas Prokop and Professor Stuart Allan, both based within the School of Biological Sciences, is now a permanent exhibition at FBMH, AV Hill Building.

  • Celebrating International Older People's Day
    Mon 10 Oct 2016, 16:16

    Dr Kingsley Purdam and older people from the Tackling Food Poverty research project recently held an interactive cooking demonstration at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival to celebrate International Older People's Day.

  • Science Spectacular
    Tue 11 Oct 2016, 11:03
  • Pathways to Law – 10 years on
    Tue 11 Oct 2016, 11:15

    The School of Law is excited to be welcoming its 10th cohort of students this October onto the Pathways to Law programme.

  • MOOC - Managing Responsibly: Practicing Responsibility, Sustainability, Ethics
    Tue 11 Oct 2016, 11:26

    Alliance Manchester Business School has recently launched a 'Managing Responsibly: Practicing Responsibility, Sustainability, Ethic' MOOC.

  • Heart Safe Educational Establishment of the Year Award
    Tue 11 Oct 2016, 11:36

    The University has won the UK Heart Safe Educational Establishment of the Year 2016.

  • Alliance MBS Undergraduate Social Responsibility Scholarships
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 10:06

    The University currently offers one of the most generous widening participating (WP) led financial support packages within the Russell Group, which is based solely on financial need.

  • Responsible Procurement Supplier Exhibition
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 10:18

    The University is holding its biennial Supplier Exhibition for staff and post-graduates on the 10 November in Whitworth Hall from 10am to 4pm.

  • Stellify: Inspiring Manchester's Future Stars
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 10:24

    The University's commitment to supporting students in becoming socially responsible and highly employable citizens of the world has stepped up a gear, with a new initiative that seeks to encourage all Manchester students to become 'the best graduate they can be'.

  • Promoting the Benefits of Linguistic Diversity
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 10:32

    In this article we hear from Professor Yaron Matras from School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures about the benefits of promoting language diversity.

  • Are you a Dementia Friend?
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 10:43

    Since 2014 the University of Manchester has been involved with the Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Friends programme, an initiative that aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about dementia.

  • Research Project Celebrates International Older People's Day
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 11:01

    Members of the Tackling Food Poverty research project celebrated International Older People's Day with an interactive cooking demonstration at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival recently.

  • Sustainable Travel to Work Campaign at the Centre for Primary Care
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 11:12

    In July 2016 the Green Impact team at the Centre for Primary Care (CPC) organised a sustainable travel campaign.

  • Computing in Schools Gets the Royal Seal of Approval
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 11:20

    Sarah Zaman and Dave Ames from the School of Computer Science, recently attending a reception at St James's Palace hosted by Prince Andrew, HRH The Duke of York, to celebrate the success of computing education in schools.

  • Manchester Museum Challenges Species Survival in Latest Exhibition
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 11:31

    While extinctions have happened since life first evolved, we are at a point in the Earth's history where humans are present to document these changes, and to realize our own involvement in the unfolding story.

  • Beat the Bugs
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 13:50

    Staff and students across the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health are working hard to support the global fight against antimicrobial resistance.

  • 500th Company Signs up to our Supplier Engagement Tool
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 14:03

    This month the Procurement Team has reached a milestone now that 500 of our suppliers have signed-up for a free sustainability action plan.

  • Green Impact Auditing
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 14:07

    For the past few years, the University has run the successful Green Impact scheme.

  • Oxford Road Changes
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 14:12

    Over the next couple of months there will be some significant changes to Oxford Road around the University.

  • Equality and Diversity News
    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 14:23

    There has been lots of equality and diversity activities going on across campus over the summer, here's an update on just a few of them.

  • Prometheus
    Thu 20 Oct 2016, 09:20

    Prometheus, Alliance Manchester Business School's annual programme, exclusively designed for leaders from UK third sector organisations, took place earlier this month.

  • JustFest
    Thu 20 Oct 2016, 09:38

    Tuesday 18 October 2016, saw the launch of JustFest Presents: The Volunteering and Social Justice Festival, an event aimed at inspiring students to take action in their communities, the UK and beyond.