Students and the community

Our students make an active contribution to the community, culture and economy of Greater Manchester.

There are around 40,000 students at The University of Manchester and they provide a major contribution to the social, economic, educational, environmental and creative life of our city region.

Socially, around 5,000 students from the University volunteer each year in a diverse range of activities from working with the elderley to the homeless and from sports and health initiatives to arts based activities. All volunteering opportunities are developed in partnership with locally based charities and community based organisations and aim to support the priorities of these organisations.

You can find out more about recruiting volunteers from our students, staff or alumni or becoming a volunteer yourself by contacting our volunteering team.

Our Students’ Union’s Raising and Giving Society raises hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, which are largely distributed to local Manchester-based charities.

Students also play an important role as active citizens and neighbours in their communities, which is supported by our Good Neighbours team. Recognising there can be challenges associated with student integration and understanding, this team aims to improve community relations between long-term residents and students in high-density student areas of Manchester.

Economically, independent research has shown that University and its students generate 21,640 jobs, 18,474 of which are in Manchester. This is equivalent to 6% of all jobs in Manchester.