About us

Social responsibility describes the way we are making a difference to the social and environmental well-being of our communities through our teaching, research and public events and activities.

Social responsibility is one of the three core strategic goals in the University's Our Future vision and strategic plan, sitting equally alongside our commitments to world-class research and discovery and teaching and learning.

We will establish our University as the sector’s leader for social impact by engaging our communities in our work, enabling all our people to help bring about a better world and embedding responsible processes and environmental sustainability in all our key activities. Our five year plan explains how we will do this.

We have committed to pursuing change across five social responsibility priorities:

A set of signature programmes have also been prioritised around each of these strategic priorities, so that we can focus and measure our efforts in making the most significant difference to society.

For further details about our strategic priorites you can download a copy of our Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement Plan.