Professor Vaskar Saha high-fiving a child.

Better health

We’re committed to promoting good health and wellbeing for our staff, students and communities, both locally and globally.

We have the UK’s largest medical school and are the largest provider of graduate healthcare professionals to the NHS in the north-west of England. We collaborate with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, NHS trusts and Health Innovation Manchester. Through these collaborations, we’re tackling key health challenges in our local region through our research, teaching and social responsibility activities.


Cancer is one of the University’s five research beacons. The research beacons are examples of pioneering discoveries, interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are tackling some of the biggest questions facing the planet.

Our medical research ranges from understanding the molecular and cellular basis of cancer to the development and testing of novel drugs and other therapeutic approaches. Through nursing, psychology and policy work, solutions to the physical, emotional and economic impacts of cancer are being researched and put into practice across the University.

Collaboration through research partnerships

We listen to and engage with our communities to support and inspire advances in health, wellbeing and social care through our full range of activities. We’re also advancing patient and public involvement to address key areas of Sustainable Development Goal 3: good health and wellbeing, particularly in relation to fighting communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Responding to local health challenges

See how our students, staff, and alumni are addressing public health challenges in Greater Manchester.

Responding to local health challenges

Tackling global health challenges

Learn about global health initiatives that are making a difference to the world.

Tackling global health challenges

Patient and public involvement

Read about how we share our work with the public, and how we involve communities in our research and teaching.

Patient and public involvement

Contributing to the fight against COVID-19

See how our people are contributing to the local, national and international response to the disease.

How The University of Manchester is contributing to the fight against coronavirus

At The University of Manchester, we have a rich history of research breakthroughs, innovation and social responsibility, where our people help tackle global challenges. We’re currently working across multiple partnerships to use our research and innovation excellence to better understand coronavirus and its impact. Researchers, teachers, students and professional services staff are combining their knowledge and skills to contribute to the local, national and international response to the disease

Solving health challenges

Find out how our research supports the health and wellbeing of the world.

Creating a healthier population