Being Human Creative Workshop, 15 November, Manchester Central Library, 2-4.30

How do you create a story about your family? How do you write your past? This participatory and creative workshop will encourage participants to think carefully about how they might try to ‘tell’ their family’s story through words, images and performance. Come along and unlock new ways of writing, investigating, and retelling your family’s story. Suitable for writers, family historians, and all those interested in telling their stories!


2pm-3pm – parallel sessions
1/ Tessa Harris, Beginnings: Beginnings of stories matter because they mark the first boundary of what counts as part of the story and what does not. The beginning is not necessarily the first thing that happened in time, or the earliest moment of action, but the genesis of the story-telling itself and perhaps the reason for telling the story at all. Beginnings are the gateway into your story and are the moment your story separates itself out from all the others.
2/ Reece Williams, family history and creativity session

3.30pm-4.30pm – parallel sessions
1/ Mariah Whelan, Collage: The goal of the session is to use collage-poem writing techniques to build poems that explore the ideas, themes and narratives within the participants’ research. I’d like the researchers to bring a couple of pages of material related to their research. This might be something they’ve written themselves like a summary or notes, or something they’ve found like letters, certificates etc. They should bring photocopies or print outs as we will be cutting them up and using the words to write new poems.
2/ Reece Williams, family history and creativity session

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