BIG Event 2021 – an online conference for people in STEM –  14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 July

Every year, BIG members get together (virtually at the moment) to exchange ideas, compare disasters, find their next employer and have a grand time with the work and the colleagues they love. STEM engagement professionals from all over the UK (and some more besides) take this opportunity to (metaphorically) step out of their offices, museums and science centres, vans and sheds, universities and research institutions, to plan their next career steps, pick the brains of like-minded people or just have a bit of a professional think.

The content for the BIG Event is created by the people who attend the BIG Event. And the people who say they get the most out of it are the people who contribute the content!

Now is your chance to fling your session ideas into the ring. Once we have a ring-full we flirt the programme together, put people together who might like to work together, and ask a few people to do something a bit different.

Your session ideas can be put forward now until 10 May on the Proposal site:

Showoff a show, work a workshop, or get feedback on something that needs tweaking. Bring your skills in evaluating, managing, developing, presenting, etc. Sessions that are hands-on (as much as possible online) and collaborative are the best. The important thing is to make your session a truly sharing contribution to the STEM Community.

If your session is chosen for the programme, you’ll get a speaker discount!
More details about proposing sessions can be found here

Not interested in proposing a session, but still want to attend the BIG Event? Attend as a delegate and get all the benefits with less of the work:

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