For the next 2 days only, nominations are open for the British Science Association Award Lectures. Anyone can nominate someone who they have seen presenting their own research to general audience in an accessible and exciting way.

Each year we reward five researchers who are skilled at communicating their work to a general audience. Successful nominees are invited to present a lecture at the British Science Festival (which this year will be in Newcastle from 7 – 12 September).

Awards are presented in 5 different areas:

  • Lord Kelvin – physical sciences and mathematics
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel – engineering, technology and industry
  • Charles Lyell – environmental sciences
  • Charles Darwin – agricultural, biological and medical sciences
  • Joseph Lister – social sciences

Over the years recipients of Award Lectures have benefited in many ways, from greater media exposure (Brian Cox, Richard Wiseman, Maggie Aderin Pocock) to bringing about a change in government policy because of media interest in the research presented.

The British Science Festival is a high-profile event which features top-class research, science shows and social events, family activity and an extensive programme for schools.

To find out more about the Award Lectures and to nominate please go to

You can watch the award lecture film here.

Posted on behalf of British Science Festival Team