Are you an early-career Science Communicator? Want to suck the knowledge and experience out of those who have been at it for ages?

Thanks to generous support from Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, The Little Event will take place again on Thursday 15 January 2015, 10am – 4.30pm at Thinktank, Birmingham

It is an excellent opportunity to make professional and friendly relationships with others in similar work, or to update job-hunting skills for those hoping to take a next step in their careers.

  • Develop your presentation skills
  • Find out more about working in the business
  • Gather evaluation tit-bits
  • Pick up neat ideas
  • Begin to turn your own ideas into actual public engagements

The price is £45 for BIG members (you can join as a member for just £30). There are ten bursary places available for people who can ill-afford to pay and there are yet more places for folks who can. (Bursary applications close 12 December 2014) Places go fast so….

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It’s for people who are relatively new to STEM communication, whether they work in a science centre or museum, volunteer for a festival, are involved in university outreach, or do anything else to engage people with sciences. It’s a lot like the BIG Event, but a bit smaller, and all crammed into one busy day. There will be several sessions, each focusing on developing a different skill, delivered by experienced science communicators following our usual hands-on approach.

But of course it isn’t just about the sessions, it’s the people you meet there too. The Little Event presents a great opportunity to meet people from across the UK working in similar roles and sharing similar experiences.