Wednesday 21 October 2015, 1 – 2:30pm, Simon Building, Lecture Room 4A (4.63)

This month’s engagement@manchester lunchtime session will have a focus on how we should be evaluating the impact of public engagement with research, for possible future REF case studies.

Hear from colleagues who share their experiences from REF2014 and join the discussions on the challenges and how to collect evidence. In particular we’ll be looking at what information to collect, how to collect it and who might be interested in it or able to use it.


The format will be short (+/- 5-10 min) talks from 4 academics who submitted REF2014 impact case studies with a significant public engagement element, looking at:

  • How impact was achieved?
  • How it was evidenced?
  • How did they put the case study together?
  • This will be followed by Q&A discussion and some interactive group discussions, including looking at Public Engagement cases submitted to REF from some other Universities.

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