2014 Art & Engineering Challenge $40,000 in Awards

For this challenge we are asking individuals to have a broad interpretation of the theme of art and engineering. We want to showcase how the combination of engineering and art touches every aspect of our lives.

Engineers and designers create aesthetically pleasing products and solutions that give us new ways of seeing, perceiving, and interacting with the world and ourselves.

Artists are incorporating concepts and research from biology, ecology, medical research, physics, geology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and information visualization into their work and process. Technology is changing how they tell their stories.

When art and engineering mix, amazing things happen. We’d love to see how you interpret the Intersections of Art and Engineering!

The Entrants will have a chance to win $40,000 in cash prizes and their work will be exhibited in 3 global locations including the USA, Italy, and China. Interdisciplinary team submissions are encouraged. The deadline to submit is 7 July 2014.

Visit our website to enter: www.aavid.com/art