Following on from a successful pilot last year, Jodrell Bank will be hosting four festival dates this year – 6 and 7 July and 30 and 31 August.

Headline bands have been announced for two of these dates and the subsequent dates will be announced will be announcing the headliners for the following two over the next few weeks.

Once again – they will be running the Science Arena on each of the dates and already have a number of engagement teams booked in for all of them. The expected audience for each date is between 7,000 and 10,000 attendees, which puts the festival overall on a similar footing to the Cheltenham Science Festival in terms of numbers.

Jodrell Bank are opening places in the Science Arena to the University of Manchester and will be able to provide a limited number of people with ‘fairground’ type stands equipped with tables and power supplies. There is no wi-fi on site because of the possibility of interference with the telescope, so any internet-based material will have to be uploaded onto computers/laptops/ipads etc before coming to site.

All Science Arena exhibitors get free access to the event once the Science Arena closes (usually early evening, well before the headline acts come on stage), free parking and access to the ‘Green Room’ for exhibitors where we provide tea, coffee and water and a place where people can eat packed lunches etc if they wish. We can also lock any valuable equipment into the Discovery Centre buildings at this stage so that it’s secure overnight between events (though all personal belongings must be taken away as there is no re-entry to the buildings once they are locked at night).

An impression of the events over the last two years can be found on the Live from Jodrell Bank website  –

If you would like to get involved; or have further information on the event – please contact Dr Teresa Anderson on