MakeFest is a makers fair that is held annually at the Museum of Science and Industry, this year on the 20th and 21st August, and aims to explore a wide range of making and maker techniques, and to engage audiences with makers and making in a hands-on, creative and inspiring environment.

We’re looking for makers to engage the public with workshops, hands-on making activities or to integrate a hands-on experience into their contribution. The museum has a wide ranging visitor base but is mainly composed of families so people experiencing MakeFest can range from an 8 year old, 30 year old or 80 year old. So far programmed activities range from soldering workshops, pattern crafting with mine craft, creating theme tunes, mono-printing on fabric, the Manchester Robot Orchestra and more!

We’re looking for makers in the field of science to bring interesting, hands-on, interactive and visual activities to MakeFest.

Science based maker activities currently include

  • Examining the effect of force with catapults
  • Grown your own crystals
  • Make your own torch workshops
  • Making and racing electric model cars

If you have an idea or activity that you’d like to bring to the Museum of Science and Industry’s visitors contact Jamie and Rosie at