Change to the Nuffield Bursaries Scheme and Celebration Day Exhibition and Information Session – 23 November 2012, Sackville Street Building

If you are responsible for offering Nuffield bursary scheme placements, then it’s vital that you know about changes which are being made. Download the Nuffield Announcement 2012 (pdf).

And if you are interested in hosting a Nuffield Research student then you don’t want to miss out on the following event.

Celebration Day Exhibition and Information Session

Nuffield Science Research projects our warmest invitation to attend our Celebration Day exhibition on Friday 23 November. The Nuffield Science Bursary Scheme offers an opportunity for Sixth Form Students to spend their Summer Holiday in a laboratory, engineering shop, Hospital or any company that uses Scientific Processes. It is not ‘work experience’ but rather a chance to ‘be a Scientist’ conducting their own project of about 4-6 weeks duration.

The exhibition is a Display of their work with a two-fold purpose. (a) We like to show off! and (b) the students offer a presentation to teams of evaluators who are assessing them for the prestigious ‘Crest Gold Award’ certificate.

We believe that the exhibition will be of great interest and benefit to any academic who is thinking of hosting a student under the scheme in the coming Summer but also to any of your colleagues who just want to know what the current crop of Sixth Form students are capable of academically. I guarantee anyone who wishes to attend that he/she will be astonished by the levels of quality and sophistication which the students achieve in a very brief time.

The event will take place (with our grateful thanks!) in the Great Hall of the Sackville Street Building. Students will arrive to set up their displays at 1.00pm. and the judging part of the afternoon will take place from 2.00pm onwards.

At about 4pm relevant certificates will be awarded. Any University of Manchester colleagues who wish to attend will be welcome at any time. I look forward to meeting and chatting with as many of them as I can.

With The University of Manchester’s commitment to widening participation and supporting talented young people from local schools to progress onto research intensive universities, we really welcome this move – and look forward to working with you to offer a wide range of Nuffield Research Placements this academic year.

Ian Morrison, regional coordinator for Nuffield Research Placements.

Find out more about the Nuffield Foundation here.

Posted on behalf of Emma Lewis, UG Recruitment and Widening Participation Officer (Academic Enrichment STEM), The University of Manchester