24 – 26 July 2013, Glasgow Science Centre

The BIG Event is a three-day conference providing an unmissable opportunity
to squeeze the skills and ideas out of all the STEM engagement people you
can in a short space of time.

The conference is relevant for designers, presenters, educators, students,
front of house staff, evaluators, educationalists, funders, and anyone
involved in the public engagement with science, technology, engineering and
maths (STEM). Many people working in the STEM engagement field have little
opportunity to cross paths with their peers, so the BIG Event was designed
with exactly this in mind.

More than 40 workshops, discussions, shows, and even a sprinkling of
sessions that surpass classification; this is the place to:

  • Share skills and experiences
  • Develop professional links and keep up-to-date with the STEM engagement field
  • Hone your skills and recharge your professional batteries
  • Pick up great ideas and show off your talents to peers

Register and find out more at www.big.uk.com/bigevent

Any questions, please contact Rachel Mason at: event@big.uk.com