Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015 call for proposals – deadline 22 September.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your research at the UK’s most prestigious summer science exhibition. The call for proposals for the 2015 Exhibition is now open. Each year over 10,000 members of the public and 2,000 school students visit this event.

The Exhibition aims to help you raise the profile of your research and institution with key influencers, including potential funders, government and the public.

Funding: Exhibitors are expected to approach their own institution, research council or other relevant bodies to fund the costs associated with exhibiting. The Society can give advice about funding and can provide post-exhibition evaluation data which is often required by funding bodies. A very limited ‘hardship fund’ is available for exhibitors to apply for additional funds.

Selection process: The Summer Science Exhibition Committee will invite around 25 exhibits to take part in the expanded 2015 summer science exhibition. Selection will be based on:

  • The quality and cutting-edge nature of the science: The science on show should be ground-breaking and of potential interest to the media.
  • The potential for interactive and hands-on elements: Wherever possible, exhibits should contain elements that visitors can touch and try out to understand the scientific concepts behind the research.
  • Interest of the subject matter to a broad audience: Visitors particularly like exhibits that are relevant to them or their experience.

The Committee endeavours to select a wide range of exhibits that cover a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines.

Proposals: For more information including successful proposals from previous years and application details see the website:

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 22 September 2014.

Please contact Rebecca Jones on 0207 451 2513 or at if you would like to discuss your proposal before submitting.