Manchester scientists get on their soapboxes – Saturday 23 July, 2016, Piccadilly Gardens,City Centre, Manchester, 1pm – 4pm

Manchester celebrates its designation as European City of Science with the EuroScience Open Forum (23-27 July). Alongside these celebrations, on 23 July 2016, 12 female scientists will take to their soapboxes in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, to demonstrate and discuss their research.

There will be something for everyone; clouds to cancer, protons to parasites, neuropsychology to nanoscience. Think you won’t understand it? Think again. Come and find out how scientific research informs everyday life.

Event organiser Dr Joanne Pennock of The University of Manchester said: “Soapbox Science is great fun! If you ever wanted a chance to ask a scientist directly about their research then this is it. I’m so pleased that we have this opportunity to give female scientists a platform to share their science right in the middle of the busiest part of the city centre.”


  • Dr Megan Argo, University of Manchester – When Gallaxies Collide! – @AstroMeg
    Ms Chloe Oakland, University of Manchester – Let’s glow detect: Fluorescent nanoparticles for early disease diagnosis – @OaklandChloe
  • Dr Alinda Fernandes, Kings College, London – Making minibrains in a dish – laboratory models for testing therapies
  • Ms Katie Walwyn-Brown, University of Manchester – A sense of self: when danger is all around how does your immune system know what to trust? @Katie_WBrown
  • Dr Wiebke Frey, University of Manchester – How Clouds Form – @wiebiwetter
  • Dr Zahraa Al-Ahmady, University of Manchester – Crafting Heat-Triggered Grenades to Blast Cancer
  • Ms Laura Sinclair, University of York – Proton rich nuclei, in the mass 70 and 90 region, on the effect on the astrophysical rp-process
  • Professor Kathryn Else, University of Manchester – Parasitic worms: life stories – @kathelse
  • Ms Alba Maiques-diaz, CRUK Manchester Institute, University of Manchester- Want to know how your blood is produced? – @alba_maiques
  • Dr Caroline Howe, University of Sheffield – Our natural safety net: understanding the importance of our complex relationship with the natural world and how it provides for our well-being
  • Dr Marina Parry, University of Manchester – By understanding the genetics of prostate cancer, we can treat patients with more personalised care – @marina_parry
  • Ms Monique Henson, astrophysicist, University of Manchester. – How to Build a Universe! @monique_henson

Soapbox Science is supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council
For more information on the event visit Soapbox Science and for more on the EuroScience Open Forum, visit the University’s ESOF website.

Source: StaffNet News, The University of Manchester