Environmental sustainability

Our environmental sustainability vision is to use our full range 
of knowledge and influence 
to support a world that is environmentally sustainable.

The impact we have through our research, students, processes and engagement can help lead the way to a truly sustainable world, from the heart of Oxford Road to the very edge of the universe. Our strategy for sustainability sets out steps to realise this opportunity as part of our third goal of social responsibility, where we seek to make a difference to society and the environment. See our Get involved pages for more information on what you can do.

Research with impact

We are at the forefront of tackling key global challenges such as climate change, population growth, rapid urbanisation, overconsumption, food and water security, loss of biodiversity and pollution. Our research also contributes to sustainability challenges closer to home, working in partnership with organisations across Manchester and the North West to help improve the quality of our environment and peoples’ lives.

Socially-responsible graduates

We’re equipping all students with knowledge and experience to positively contribute to our world as professionals, leaders and citizens of tomorrow. Through a wide range of our teaching programmes, initiatives such as the Ethical Grand Challenges programme, volunteering, programmes and projects, the University is providing our students with the opportunities to gain understanding and experience to tread lightly on our planet.

Responsible processes

We’re ensuring our organisational processes, such as our £1 billion campus development programme, procurement, and energy and resource management, are creating opportunities for the efficient use of natural resources, with the additional benefits of financial savings and an environment that enhances health and wellbeing.

Engaging our communities

We are engaging with staff, students and alumni to embed a culture of environmental sustainability, and partnering with people and organisations in pursuit of shared goals around sustainability. We support our community of over 50,000 staff and students to become more informed and take action on sustainability.

Campus Operations

We are committed to improving the sustainability of our campus through a range of specific policies covering:


We are also ensuring staff are empowered to make a difference through engagement activities including Sustainability Champions and Green Impact teams.