Stand up, speak up and shout out for psoriasis

Tue, 26 Feb 2019 08:57:00 GMT

Psoriasis is a condition that although affecting over 75,000 people in Greater Manchester, isn’t spoken about much - something that 'Psoriasis Shout Out' is trying to change.

Started by scientists from the Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research, the aim is to spread the word about what psoriasis is and what it isn’t, and to bring psoriasis patients together with professionals working in the field to bring about more progressive research.

This year, to mark the 50th anniversary of the UK Psoriasis Association, people have been creating 50 second video shout-outs, posted on YouTube. Mostly from scientists in the field, the videos capture thoughts about psoriasis and psoriasis research, set out aims of current work or feedback on recently published work to demonstrate the importance of this research.

This digital campaign follows on from their wonderful ‘Flashmob’ video’ for the 2016 Shout Out, which starred patients groups, healthcare professionals ‘Psoriasis Shout Out juniors’, and Professor Chris Griffiths, who leads the initiative.

The effects of the condition are more than skin-deep and can have a significant impact upon an individual’s quality of life, but the overarching message from Psoriasis Shout Out is a positive one: it is perfectly possible to live well with psoriasis and people should know that.