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Our Story: The Faculty of Humanities

Wed, 20 Apr 2016 14:52:00 BST

The wide variety of disciplines practised under the umbrella of Humanities at The University of Manchester brings a plethora of stories, each with their own distinct character, but within these stories we share a common set of values that unify us.

A connecting thread across the Humanities is a set of progressive values that underpin our research, our ways of working and our relationship with the wider world. We believe that working together offers the greatest potential to unlocking our understanding of human behaviour and society and through collaboration with peers, we are our most powerful.

Students and academic staff join us from across the world to share and build knowledge, making our Faculty a powerhouse of international recruitment and engagement.

Our research and teaching is relevant; we make a contribution to addressing some of the major social, economic and political challenges that face the UK and the world. We work on real world projects and our work influences change and plays an active role in the international news agenda.

Our desire to change the world and shape the future reaches across the globe. In research terms, this translates to real influence and impact but the journey starts in the lecture theatre. This is where we deliver outward looking education to build future thinkers and leaders. We develop understanding on what makes and breaks us and society, we respond to change and believe and prove we can change and influence society. We highlight, interrogate and understand the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within society.

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