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Students raise awareness of antibiotic resistance

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 10:52:00 GMT

Pharmacy undergraduate students have been leading on a campaign to halt the rise in antibiotic resistance by holding resistance awareness workshops in local high schools, with priority being given to widening participation schools in and around Greater Manchester.

The aim of the workshops is for 3rd year pharmacy students to visit a high school and either deliver a 10-15 minute class or year assembly in the form of a Prezi-style presentation, on the significance of antibiotic usage or to deliver a 60 minute workshop with added hands-on activities to a science club or class.

So far over a dozen workshops have been delivered to much applause, with more planned. Moreover, the programme which was developed by Hannah Bloor, 4th year pharmacy student, and David Allison, Reader in Pharmacy Education, has recently won the national UK Clinical Pharmacy Association award for the most innovative campaign showcasing antibiotic resistance awareness.

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