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Highlights from Earth Week

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 14:01:00 GMT

At the beginning of February the Students’ Union ran Earth Week to promote awareness of a range of environmental issues. The week started with a discussion on the Conference of Parties summit in Paris (COP21) last November. The talk heard from University academics and speakers from Reclaim the Power (RtP). The speakers provided new knowledge and insight into the issues surrounding climate politics.

Another highlight of Earth Week saw a discussion on fossil fuels versus renewable energy. The group discussed big issues from the solutions to the energy crisis to smaller scale ideas such as phasing out gas boilers to lessen the reliance on fossil fuels in the UK.

Wednesday saw a shift to emphasizing the importance of reducing food waste and the impact that large food industries can have on the environment. On Thursday students took part in climate based games in the Museum.

The week was inspiring and thought provoking, opening up the minds of many students and staff to new ideas and concepts for a more sustainable future. For ideas on actions you can take to increase your positive impact on the environment visit the Environmental Sustainability website.

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