Equality Information Report 2019

Wed, 20 Feb 2019 14:31:00 GMT

Brexit, potential changes to tuition fees as well as shifting ideologies in politics mean that it is more important than ever to aim at a diversified student and staff body. Bringing people together from different ways of life and with varied experiences and views in one big conversation is the only way to accurately assess opportunities and threats facing an institution. Our Equality Information Report 2019 provides evidence on how the University of Manchester has advanced its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of diversity among staff and students across protected characteristics including age, ethnicity, gender, disability and nationality. It also includes trends in employees' recruitment and promotions as well as in students’ attainment and continuation.

The ‘Key findings’ section provides hyperlinks to statistical analysis and tables for various measured used in the report, highlighting where the University has made the most progress and what are the largest challenges facing our institution in advancing equality and diversity.

Read the full report and the Quality and Diversity blog on our website.