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Give yourself a healthy start to the year

Wed, 25 Jan 2017 13:51:00 GMT

It’s that time of year again to make a New Year’s resolution for a fresh and healthy new start, but how to stick to it is the question. This is now easy with Veg Box People’s fresh local veg box – brought to you right here on campus every week!

But what makes Veg Box People such a great healthy option?

The fresher the veg the more enzymes and healthy nutrients are stored within. That’s why Veg Box People aim to get your veg out to you within a matter hours of harvest, meaning it’s fresh and full of life, unlike lots of veg that has been in storage and transit for days.

All of their veg is produced organically, meaning it’s great for long term soil health, biodiversity and great for us too! According to recent research conducted at Newcastle University, organic veg has up to 69% more free-radical fighting antioxidants than its non-organic counterpart, an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

It tastes great too. Because the veg is produced locally (some within 3 miles) it is super fresh, so as well as being healthy it really holds its taste. This is all possible because of the strong relationships with the most local farmers. Veg Box People is working with local farmers to help them plan their crops and pay them fairly for their hard work and delicious veg – making it the fairest veg in town!

Signing up to Veg Box People is more than just a weekly veg box, it’s joining a healthy and fair food revolution.

Rebecca Jones one of The Veg Box People’s regular customers and a Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer with the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, told us about her experience with Veg Box People:

“I signed up in the spring so that over the summer my partner and I could try out lots of different kinds of vegetables and get a bit more creative. Quite often I used to end up cooking food on the same spectrum - it is very easy to walk into the supermarket and just buy onions, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. Now I find myself making recipes that I never would have otherwise - I made coleslaw with Kohlrabi recently that I would definitely do again."

"I also think it helps with meal planning for the following week because you have to think about how to integrate the veg into your meals. We still shop at supermarkets but I think a bit more about what I’m buying."

"The veg in the boxes is organic, it’s local - it’s all things we might grow ourselves if we had more time and energy to do it, which I like. I think the food miles you get in the supermarkets are ridiculous."

"If I had to choose I think my favourite thing about the scheme is the convenience of it. When you grow veg yourself you end up getting enormous gluts. Getting a box means I get a managed amount of veg per week so I’m not always thinking about the three pounds of rhubarb I need to use up!"

My top tip would be to make big batch meals and use the recipes provided to keep things cheap and easy! The bread and eggs on the stall are great too. I buy eggs every week and they’re lovely.”

To sign up now go to the vegbox website or visit them at the weekly collection point on Tuesday 12-5.30pm outside the Greenhouse restaurant near University Place.

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