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Great Primary Science Share

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 14:59:00 BST

Manchester’s primary school pupils come together to share their science

Primary school pupils from across Greater Manchester have taken part in the Great Primary Science Share event at Manchester Town Hall, which was organised by the University’s Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub.

The event aimed to get as many young people involved as possible by encouraging creativity and confidence, and to create a buzz about science across the city. 

Children from 35 schools came together to showcase their science at the event, where they engaged with families, businesses, universities and the wider community.

As well as table top activities and poster stands run by the children themselves, there were lots of fun activities including a special Stellarium Dance supported by Dance Manchester, a Great Science Share song supported by the Hallé’s Education Programme, and special guest speakers.

Schools across the city also hosted their own science fairs, celebrations, community events, science assemblies, science walks, trips and drawing activities.

 The event was part of the University’s push to encourage young people to get excited about science and the possibilities it offers. Many events are being held across the city as part of the European City of Science 2016, which has presented a unique opportunity to engage with schoolchildren about scientific subjects.

Dr Lynne Bianchi, the Head of The University of Manchester’s Science Education Research & Innovation Hub said: "As a proud Mancunian, I know that our city has a fantastic heritage as a leading city for innovation – I recognise its place in history and its impact on the industrial revolution, the splitting of the atom and the design of the first programmable computer. 

The Great Science Share was an ideal chance for us to support our young people’s future aspirations by coming together as the makers of tomorrow, and to celebrate learning and cross-sector involvement."

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